At the Carpal Tunnel Center, we use a micro invasive surgical technique. Why is that important to you? It means your recovery is faster, less painful and you miss less work/time away from your activities. The average return to normal activities and work is 2-4 days. You will have pain for 3-4 weeks but most patients can return to work and “work around” their pain. This includes light and heavy work.

The procedure is short and sweet. We use an technologically advanced ultrasound machine to identify pertinent anatomy (things we don’t want to cut) We also make sure your anatomy is conducive to this procedure (we need enough space between your artery and nerve to be able to do the surgery safely).

Occasionally we are not able to do the surgery and you have to be scheduled on another date for an open procedure. You will get a full refund if this is the case.

Once we complete that phase, we inject numbing medicine into your skin and hand. You are awake the entire time. Because of this you do not have to have to have a history and physical done by your primary care doctor. This saves you money and time.

Once your skin is numb we make a small incision in your skin. You don’t feel it and the incision is usually only 1/4 inch long. We place the Sonex instrument into your carpal tunnel. Once inserted, we again make sure all of the important structures are still out of the way and then we use the device to release the carpal tunnel under ultrasound vision. You do not need sutures. We place a small dressing and then you are done.

You may return to activities as soon as your pain allows. You will want to keep your incision clean for one week. This is usually not hard because the incision is about 3/4 of an inch above the wrist crease.