The cost of the procedure varies depending on the location.  Please make sure you use the link for your specific location.  You can drive to other facilities if you choose but once you start in one facility you cannot change to another facility (this has to do with billing)

Things to consider when evaluating costs:

1. Time off work. This is the most important category.  A 2-4 day (our procedure) vs a 4 week recovery (open carpal tunnel release/the traditional release) makes a huge difference in the cost.  Make sure you factor that into the equation.

2. Things you have to do before the insurance company will approve your surgery. Usually insurance companies will require that you “fail” non-operative treatment this can include:

a) Physical therapy (not always required) cost range in the hundreds and insurance will cover a portion of this.

b) Splints. Usually $50-$200

c) Anti-inflammatory medicine. $10-$20

d) Steroid injections. Range $100-$300. Insurance will cover a portion of this depending on your plan.

e.EMG or Nerve conductions study.  Some surgeons and some insurance companies require this to document your diagnosis before they are willing to do the surgery.  The cost for this is $800-$2000 depending on the provider.  It also requires an appointment with with another provider.  It is usually covered in part by insurance depending on your plan.  With ultrasound, you do not need the EMG to confirm the diagnosis.  By the way, EMG can be painful.

3. Co-pay: This is the biggest variable in the equation. If you have a high deductible plan, it may be easier/cheaper to pay cash for the procedure. If you pay cash you do not have to get insurance approval. If you use insurance we recommend you contact the insurance specialist at your location.

To find the exact cost: please click on your specific location (costs vary widely due to variable hospital costs/locations. Some locations require the procedure be done in a surgical facility, some are done in the office (ie Salt Lake City) and are less expensive.

Rock Springs, WY
Cash Price Unilateral: 5,500
Cash Price Bilateral: 6,500
Insurance Cost: Contact Char: 307-448-3220

Salt Lake City, UT
Cash Price Unilateral: 3,500
Cash Price Bilateral: 4,000
Insurance Cost: We do not accept insurance at this location.

Ely, NV
Cash Price Unilateral: 6,500 (estimate)
Cash Price Bilateral: 7,000
Insurance Cost: Please call Margaret at 775-289-3001 ext 241

Rawlins, WY
Cash Price Unilateral: 6,500 (estimate)
Cash Price Bilateral: 7,000
Insurance Cost: Call Missy at 307-324-8232

Page, AZ
Coming Soon

Afton, WY
Coming Soon